Jalen Hurts in Kelly Green Makes NFL's One Helmet Rule Look Like an Absolute Felony

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Jalen Hurts in Kelly Green looks too clean. A recent @PHLEaglesNation tweet highlights the necessity for the Philadelphia Eagles to bring these jerseys back. However, the only possibility of this occurring is if the NFL changes its one helmet rule, which states that teams can only wear one helmet. I suggest they do so quickly.

The Eagles won’t wear the Kelly Green uniforms unless they’re allowed to bring back their throwback helmets. The same can be said of other teams whose fan bases are clamoring for throwback uniforms; no alternate helmet means no throwback uniforms. The alternate helmet may make a resurgence in the 2021 season, however, which would bring tears of joy to the eyes of millions of NFL fans.

The Eagles wouldn’t be the only team to take advantage of a league rule change. The New England Patriots’ Pat the Patriot helmet would allow the team to bring back their red throwback jerseys, which would be a massive upgrade over their new hideous color rush jerseys. The Patriots haven't worn their red jerseys since 2009 when they beat the Tennessee Titans 59-0. The Titans absolutely need to bring back their throwback jerseys as well. Titans ownership has the right to use the Houston Oilers logo and uniform, and owner Amy Adams Strunk recently expressed an interest in wearing the jerseys if the NFL's one helmet rule is overturned.

FOXBORO, MA - OCTOBER 18: Laurence Maroney #39 of the New England Patriots shoves Jason McCourty #30 of the Tennessee Titans on October 18, 2009 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could also bring back their Bucco Bruce helmets and creamsicle jerseys. It appears that the Bucs will do just that as soon as the NFL changes their one helmet rule. The Buccaneers team website announced fans can expect more uniform changes in the future: The Buccaneers and several other teams are working with the league to change this rule and to get a fourth "throwback" option approved as soon as possible.”

The league saw a variety of uniform changes this offseason, most of which weren't good. The Atlanta Falcons jerseys aren’t good, and frankly, I hate the Patriots' blue color rush jerseys (although the white color rush jersey is growing on me). The Buccaneers' new jerseys are solid. So too are the Browns' new jerseys. The Los Angeles Chargers new jerseys are amazing, but the league would benefit greatly by allowing alternate helmets to accompany throwback jerseys.

The NFL one helmet rule robs fans of enjoyment, and it is also depleting NFL owners of a new source of revenue. Money talks, so expect alternate helmets and throwback jerseys to make a resurgence next year.


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