18% of Patriots "Fans" Can Get Lost

It’s time to test what kind of a fanbase the New England Patriots have. Tom Brady is gone, and so is the perennial expectation that the Patriots will reach the Super Bowl. One can expect the success of the Patriots to drop off dramatically while Head Coach Bill Belichick determines what the best solution is for the quarterback position. If you rooted for the Patriots for the last 20 years with Brady at the helm, you better root for them next year or you're a phony. I don’t want anything to do with you.

NBC Sports Boston insider Tom E. Curran recently posted a poll question asking where Patriots fans’ allegiance lies heading into next season. The results of the poll are below:

At the time the poll was posted I was part of the “Pats are 1. Brady is 1A” crew. Brady accomplished so much for the Patriots and played a major role in bringing 6 Super Bowls to New England. For that, I will always be grateful. Brady’s contributions are why I will still root for Brady with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but not at the expense of my team.

A stunning 18.4% of poll participants voted for “Brady fan first.” How could you possibly vote for this option? I’ll tell you how, you were never a Patriots fan, you were a fake fan. In case you didn’t realize, the New England franchise is called the New England Patriots, not the New England Bradys. It boggles my mind in any sport how one could suddenly make the switch to rooting for another team due to a player leaving.

To the roughly 80% of fans who voted for any option besides “Brady fan first,” congratulations you’re a real fan and I applaud you for your common sense and loyalty. Ride-or-die Patriots, it's as simple as that. I wish Brady all the luck with the Buccaneers, and if the Patriots don’t win the Super Bowl next year I hope the Buccaneers do. That’s how the authentic Patriots fans should feel, and do feel.

To the 18% who answered you’re a Brady fan first, go screw.


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